How to Pick the Right Live Chat Solution for Business in the US and Australia

How to Pick the Right Live Chat Solution for Business in the US and Australia

One of the things to consider when choosing live chat software is whether the solution is real-time. Your customers only need to click a button, and a person is waiting on the other side to answer all their questions. Most of the solutions, such as LivePerson, work like instant messaging apps where responses are instant

Besides picking real-time live chat software, you need to pick one that is proactive. Proactive chats do not just point out that there is a live chat feature, but they show a message that points to the needs of your visitors. A message pops up a few seconds after the visitor starts navigating your site. The message will be related to what the visitor is searching for and asking them whether they need assistance through live online chat.

Live support increases conversions for websites. However, does your live chat solution offer 24/7 support? Your customers need assistance even in the dead of night, and this is what live chat offers. Today, you can offer leadchat, which helps you convert prospects to buying customers.

A good website live chat solution should integrate well with other apps you may have installed for your website. These apps include CRMs, social media tools, and email marketing tools, among others. Again, the right tool for live chat for website should not force you to open your website whenever you need to chat. A desktop chatting tool is convenient at all times.

Lastly, a live chat solution, such as LiveChatInc, should provide you with chat metrics so you can know what to improve to keep your business performing exemplary in the United States and Australia.

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